about us

Susanna Marabini graduated in Cultural Heritage Conservation and is specialized in ceramic restoration.
Ugo Capriani holds a degree in Medieval and Modern Art History from D.A.M.S. (Drama, Art and Music Studies) – University of Bologna.
Life partners, as well as business partners, after many years of work in the field of restoration, in 2011 Ugo and Susanna started producing papier-mâché animal trophies “for fun”.

Thanks to the first positive results achieved and the increasing number of requests, they decided to fully dedicate themselves to the new project, which, over the years, has expanded to include the restoration of old cinema and theatre chairs.


We create animal trophies, entirely handmade, using the Japanese papier-mâché technique. We apply layers of paper strips and glue on a mold shaped in the form chosen to our liking, until the desired thickness is achieved. Once the drying process is complete, we cut the papier-mâché open, in order to release the mold, and then we repair it applying other layers of paper and glue. The trophies are finished with paper from old school books, dictionaries, comic books, newspapers and paper of different colours.

The finishing layers of paper represent the defining feature of our contemporary and ironic trophies, that seem to mock at the horror of hunting. All of our pieces are unique, signed, dated and numbered, and become versatile pieces of furniture that can complement your décor, paying particular attention to nature, ecology and animals.

Cinema and theater chairs

Our chairs are salvaged from 20th century cinemas and theatres, and covered with upholstery fabrics or velvet, after restoration and sanitization of their wooden and metal parts. We provide small size, individual seats, designed for long hours of comfortable sitting. Thanks to the wide range of upholstery fabrics available, our chairs can be adapted to any style of furnishing, making it the perfect accessory for any space.